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The Fuzzy Farmô

Custom yarn from your pet's hair!ô

Meet the inspiration for The Fuzzy Farm: Shadow (right) and Dakota (left). Dakota has since left us for the Rainbow Bridge, but we have a wonderful, fuzzy scarf made from his hair to remember him by.

Home of the No Card Advantage! ô

Welcome! If youíre looking for award-winning, custom-made, hand-spun yarn made from your own petís hair / fur (itís commonly called fur, but itís technically their hair!), youíve come to the right place! The Fuzzy Farm specializes in making this yarn, sometimes called cheingora, so that you can have a lasting memory of your pet and a great way to brag about the special member of your family.

We can spin dog hair, cat hair, rabbit hair, alpaca, llama, or any other animal so long as the hair/fiber is long enough.

Here at The Fuzzy Farm, we know youíre pressed for time, too, so we offer lots of options for you. We can spin the yarn for you and then you can make it into whatever you would like, or you can have us custom-make a variety of items for you.

Why Would I Want to Spin My Petís Hair? There are lots of reasons to turn your petís hair into yarn:

 Itís a wonderful, lasting memory of your pet. With a little TLC, your yarn will last a lifetimeóor longer!

 Itís a great way to show off your award-winning pet!

 Itís chic! More and more people are discovering that they can make fashion statements with garments made out of their petís hair. This is often times referred to as ďcheingoraĒ fabric.

 Itís a great way to get some use out of all that hair your pet sheds anyway.

 Itís warm! Animal hair is meant to keep your pet warm, so it makes sense that it will keep you warm, too. Thereís nothing like using your petís hair to make a scarf, sweater, or hat to keep you warm on a cold winterís day!

 Itís environmentally responsible. It recycles hair that would otherwise end up in the trash and it doesnít hurt your pet.

People generally have lots of questions about this process, including what kinds of hair we can spin, the pricing, how the spinning process works, and what kinds of items we can make for you. For answers to all these questions and more, check out our FAQís page.

Shadow and Dakota

14119 Lillian Circle

Omaha, NE 68138

To contact us:

Phone: 402-896-1797


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Medical Notice: The Fuzzy Farmô will be suspending business until further notice due to medical problems. Iíve pulled a muscle in my right shoulder and am having difficulty healing. If you have contacted me prior to this, I will honor all agreements. However, I wonít be accepting any new orders until my shoulder heals. Please stay posted to this website, as I will update it as soon as I have medical permission to do so!