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Is This Illegal? NO! You may have seen “"The Dog and  Cat Protection Act of 2000,” which claims that the sale of any animal fur product is illegal. This Act defines fur as any part of the animal that includes the hide. Obviously, we don’t use the hide. In technical terms, we are spinning the animal hair, not the fur, so it is completely legal.

Is the Process Humane? YES! All you have to do is collect the hair that your pet normally and naturally loses. The process doesn’t harm your pet at all. In fact, increased brushing helps keep your pet’s coat healthy!

What Kinds of Hair Can You Spin? We can spin a variety of breeds of animals, including dogs, cats, llamas, alpacas, or any other long-hairred animal. For details, check out this link.

What Will My Yarn Look Like? In some ways, this is a very difficult question to answer. Each skein, like each pet, is utterly unique. However, we can give you some examples of what different skeins from different breeds look like, as we get them.

Can You Spin My Pet’s Hair? If your pet has hair that is at least 2 inches long, chances are we can spin it! For a detailed list of the breeds we can spin, check out this link.

How Do I Collect My Pet’s Hair? This depends on the breed of pet that you have. Most of the time, you can simply collect the hair off the brush of your pet from your regular groomings. For detailed directions, visit this link.

Can I Collect from Multiple Pets? Absolutely! This not only makes it faster to collect the required hair, but it also makes for more variety and interest in the finished skein.

How Much Hair Should I Collect? This depends on how large a project you are planning to do. For a small project—like a memory square—we need only a few ounces of hair. This is about a paper lunch sack stuffed full of hair. For a larger project—like a scarf—we’ll need at least 10 ounces of hair. That’s about a paper grocery bag stuffed (and we do mean *stuffed*) with hair. For detailed directions, visit this link.

What is Involved in Spinning the Hair? We go through a multi-step process to ensure the highest-quality product for you. We spin the hair, wash it, deodorize it, set it, and dry it. For details, visit this link.

Why Don’t You Card the Hair? In the preparation of wool spinning, the wool is always carded first. However, we don’t card your hair before we start spinning it. This gives more character to your yarn and preserves more of the original “look” of your pet in the yarn. This is particularly important for multi-colored breeds. Consider a Keeshond, which is black, grey, and white, with an occasional bit of brown thrown in for good measure. If we carded the hair, the entire skein would turn out grey, as the colors blended together. But when we don’t card the hair, the skein has sections that are white, grey, black, and slightly brown. In other words, the yarn looks more like the original dog it came from.

What Can I Make With My Yarn? The possibilities are endless! You can knit, crochet, or weave the yarn. You can make small projects, like a memory square, or larger projects, like a blanket. We can spin the yarn for you, and then you can let your imagination run wild, or you can have us weave or crochet a project for you.

How Much Does it Cost? We base our spinning costs on the final weight of the finished skein and what options you choose. We require a $50 deposit to begin the spinning process, with the balance, if any, due before the finished product is sent to you. For a detailed pricing list, visit this link.

How Long Does It Take? This depends on how large a skein you would like and how many people are ahead of you. We place you “in line” as soon as your deposit has been received. Your item is then entered into the queue, based on a first come, first served basis. The entire spinning process usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks, from start to finish, once the project has been started.

What If I Have More Questions? Feel free to contact us! You can email us at , or you can give us a call at 402-896-1797.

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