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The Fuzzy Farm™ 

Custom yarn from your pet's hair!™

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Your skein will be ask unique as your pet!


Custom made, hand spun yarn

We will spin, wash, deodorize, set, and dry your hair into a beautiful skein that can be used to make a variety of projects in memory of your pet.

Our prices are based on the final weight of the skein:

Single ply hand-spun yarn: $10.00 per ounce

Double-ply hand-spun yarn: $12.00 per ounce

These charges apply to clean, spinnable hair that is sent to us. If the hair contains unspinnable debris, such as twigs or leaves, additional charges will apply.

Additional Options:

· Hand-picking. If the hair contains twigs, leaves, grass, hay, or mud, they must be removed before spinning can take place. If we need to do this before spinning the hair, there will be an additional $2.50/ounce charge.

· Center-pull Ball. We can wrap the yarn into a center-pull ball for you. Highly recommended if you have a large skein, or if you’ll be doing a lot of traveling. The ball makes it easy to access your yarn and keeps it from getting tangled. Add $0.30/ounce.

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