There exists the opportunity for persons interested in both part time and full time employment. Full time staff is first promoted from the part time staff. Positions are classified in the following areas:

  1. Sales
  2. Service
  3. Labor

We attempt to cross train our staff so everyone is able to fill in on any position when needed. We are a "Ma and Pa" type of operation where Jim and Lin provide the majority of the labor. Our employees are like family, each one being instrumental in the operation of the business. We lean toward several part time personnel instead of one or two full time associates.

We have a family type of work atmosphere where Jim and Lin personally work with each associate. We are able to work out flexible scheduling to accommodate family or other work commitments. We do our own training.

What We Look For in an Employee:

  1. Ability to work with people
  2. Someone who follows directions
  3. Experience in operating a computer with Windows
  4. Problem solver
  5. Presentable to customers, a good listener
  6. Promptness and reliability
  7. Intrinsically motivated

If you are interested in working with us, stop in and request an application for employment.

Positions Available (8/2013):